Community of Buena Vista - where we reside, work and play.

Welcome to the Buena Vista Stakeholders web site and organization.  Our boundaries are N.W. 36 Street to the South;  N.W. 54 Street to the North; North Miami Avenue to the East and N.W. 2 Avenue to the West.  Buena Vista Stakeholders is an organization created to facilitate better communication between our area residents, business owners and neighborhood associations to enhance our quality of life.  We hope you find it a useful tool.   If you have any issues you wish to have us help you resolve, please don't hesitate to let us know.  That's what we're here for!

The Buena Vista Stakeholders' purpose is to enhance our quality of life through mutual respect, activism and hard work.  Our goal is to keep our neighborhood safe, put a beautification plan into effect and to better our dialogue with our respective officials.

It is important that you upload photos of areas of concern, i.e., vacant homes; upload photos of a new business you would like featured and also announcements of civic-minded events that you wish to publish.  Buena Vista Stakeholders reserves the right to delete any text or photo that is offensive.

Please use the Google "translate" button to read the text in your preferred language in the lower right corner of this page.

Contact Person:  Lorena Ramos  305-213-3747
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